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Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery presents FIVE AT ELEVEN: The Emerging History of our New Gallery Space, which features ten exhibitions from the past five years that made a considerable impact on our community and our gallery. Sullivan Goss invites everyone to come help us celebrate our first five years in our contemporary gallery space at 11 East Anapamu with graphics and articles that will be on display along with artwork from a number of our biggest exhibitions from 2006 to today.

The size of our new space encouraged curators, Jeremy Tessmer and Susan Bush to think BIG. With generous wall space and expansive floors, Tessmer and Bush successfully brought to Santa Barbara works of massive consequence and proportion, like John Nava’s 16 tapestries that measured 13 x 10 feet and brought with them the most violent and heated reactions to art in our gallery’s history. Like Nava’s work, some of our other shows were highly controversial—remember Committed to Ink and The Long Green Line?


Although the contemporary space encouraged progressive decisions, there were still some shows that were purely entertaining, like Americans at Play and Dreamland: American Explorations into Surrealism, where guests arrived dressed in full freak-show attire for the opening night. We’ve also decided to highlight a community favorite: 100 Grand, which consists of 100 works under $1,000 that occurs annually just in time for The Holidays. Without a doubt, Sullivan Goss’ contemporary gallery space has brought some of the greatest American Painters out of the shadows and into the light where they belong.



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