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SULLIVAN GOSS – An American Gallery is pleased to announce their newest exhibition FLORABUNDANCE: THREE ARTISTS FOR SPRING. This exhibition takes an up-close look at the subject of the flower, a subject that has been painted for centuries in every kind of configuration remaining timeless and fresh.

Jane Willis Taylor’s photo-realistic flowers read as contemporary mandalas. The paintings provide a contemporary sensibility of deconstruction; the flowers, not rooted to a horizon line, are allowed to float within the space of the canvas evoking a sense of life and energy. These compositions of botanical beauty lead the way into an abundant spring season.

Eric Wert takes his time with smaller, more intimate compositions of flowers, both indoors and out. Reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch Masters, Wert’s elegant fabrics, hyper-realistic dew-drops and unexpected arrangements make for a new way of seeing a beloved genre.

John Nava brings a more traditional approach to the still life floral arrangement. His technical sophistication is coupled with a deep understanding of the history of still-life painting. Drawing from such sources as the Italian Renaissance, Nava creates timeless masterpieces.

Reworking a classic and long cherished genre, these three artists celebrate the procession into spring with a contemporary twist and unmistakable style.

Sullivan Goss is proud to present FLORABUNDANCE: Three Artists for Spring May 5, 2011 through July 3, 2011. Also on exhibition are works by American Impressionist Colin Campbell Cooper; Oak Group founder Ray Strong; a selection of the Gallery’s Favorite Things.

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