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Press Release

On Wednesday, September 12, artist, Steve Cushman, joined members of the Santa Barbara community to put together and install the â ¬SLong Green Line."

This assemblage includes forty-seven, 1' x 1', steel plates and almost four thousand small, green "army men" - the plastic soldiers of youth. There are eighty green soldiers, two platoons, for each steel plate. Fully constructed, the assembly runs nearly 50 feet.

In total, Cushman and the community members glued 3,774 soldiers to the steel plates - the exact number of American military casualties, men and women, in the Iraq War at the time General Petraeus made his report to Congress on 9/11/2007.


Gallery owner, Frank Goss, offered the artist the Sullivan Goss contemporary gallery space for installation of the "Long Green Line" through October 7th.

We invite you to come and view the work while it is installed in the Gallery. It is not for sale. Institutions wishing to display the "Long Green Line" may contact the Gallery.

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