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Sullivan Goss is excited to announce the gallery’s fifth solo exhibition for PHOEBE BRUNNER

A natural stillness pervades this new body of work from celebrated landscape painter, Phoebe Brunner. Nature rests peacefully, only roused by the cleansing rain and the swirling breeze. The land is bright and quiet. 

As with the majority of Phoebe’s work, any signs of humans are non-existent. The lively brushstrokes and the delicious richness of thick paint on canvas, which are hallmarks of Phoebe's style, provide all the action. A pervading dreaminess moves through these paintings as well - the landscapes are real, but not quite. Often, they are painted from a conglomeration of the artist’s long ago memories of her favorite places. Echoing the rolling landscape are clouds in all shapes and colors making their way across the scenery - rain clouds, red clouds, dawn clouds, and wisps of clouds.


Phoebe lives and works in California. As an accomplished equestrian, Phoebe has ridden deep into  the local land ranches and hills of the central coast, gathering inspiration for her next great painting. She earned a BFA from UCSB and she also trained at Otis Art Institute, Chouinard, and the University of Guadalajara. Before being represented by Sullivan Goss, she was represented at the Ellen Easton Gallery in addition to numerous other galleries up and down the West Coast.


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