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At the turn of the 20th century, the contemporary art dealer was unknown to society. For those people with the right training, taste and connections, there were jobs in procuring and selling decorative objects, antique furniture, and fine art. A dealer operated a showroom with all of those things necessary to outfit a home and presented their wares in a beautifully appointed domestic setting.

Eventually, the antique dealer and the art dealer parted company to operate in newly distinct spheres. In Peggy Guggenheim's first gallery, Guggenheim Jeunne, the walls were painted white to focus people's attention on the paintings. To this day, art galleries everywhere operate in this same tradition.

In our Montecito gallery, we have reverted to the older tradition. Several walls are painted in rich colors. Fine art, antique furniture, and rare decorative objects are arranged as one might do at home. We invite you to visit a space where taste and tradition have survived and are prospering. Please visit our Montecito showroom at 1266 Coast Village Road.


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