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Between October 16 and October 25th, our data is going to San Francisco to participate in the 2020 San Francisco Fall Show of Art, Antiques, and Design, but the art itself is staying in Santa Barbara. We’ll be using the art fair’s web platform on InCollect.com to show a selection of our best – and most regionally appropriate – art in one of the region’s most storied art fairs. We’ll be using our downtown gallery space to give Santa Barbara residents and out of town guests a taste of how we look when we step out. It’s an art fair you don’t have to leave town to attend, and fancy dress is optional but absolutely welcome.

In 2011 and 2012, Sullivan Goss participated in what was then called The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show at a venue on the water at Fort Mason. We loved the party and the people, but decided not to return so we could focus on our core program back at the gallery. (We will miss the opening night’s festivities, however. What a great party!) This year’s invitation to participate came at a good time, so we opted in.

A selection of 30 works – paintings, drawings, watercolors, sculptures and prints – created between 1878 and this year will be arranged according to design principles instead of for thematic or historical reasons. Realism, Impressionism, Tonalism, Arts & Crafts, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and Op Art will all be represented by some of our favorite examples.

Here is a link to the San Francisco Fall Show’s website: https://sffallshow.org/

To see the Gallery’s presentation on InCollect, visit: [link to be updated when available]

ARTISTS INCLUDED: Meredith Brooks Abbott  |  Natalie Arnoldi  |  Ken Bortolazzo  |  Patricia Chidlaw  |  Roi Clarkson Colman  |  Leon Dabo  |  Lockwood de Forest  |  William Dole  |  Werner Drewes  |  Martha Mayer Erlebacher  |  Oskar Fischinger  |  Lawrence Gipe  |  Joseph Goldyne  |  Sidney Gordin  |  Wosene Worke Kosrof  |  Harvey Leepa  |  Leslie Lewis Sigler | Mary DeNeale Morgan  |  John Nava  |  Bjorn Rye  |  Jean Swiggett  |  Emerson Woelffer


4:41  |  Jeremy Tessmer

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