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Elsewhere, Paradise

Santa Barbara Poets Respond to Paintings by Patricia Chidlaw

April, 2020

PATRICIA CHIDLAW: Elsewhere, Paradise cover
PATRICIA CHIDLAW, Elsewhere, Paradise
PATRICIA CHIDLAW, Elsewhere, Paradise
PATRICIA CHIDLAW, Elsewhere, Paradise



Alexander, Ronald Aden, Bailey, Alison M., Benjamin, Rick, Brown, M.L., Buckley, Christopher, Chiavelli, Susan, Davis, Pamela, Long, Perie, de la O, Marsha, Penko, Christine, Starkey, David, Yatchisin, George, Yost, Chryss. Elsewhere, Paradise.
  Santa Barbara, CA: Sullivan Goss, 2020.


Softbound cover. 68 pages.

Features brief artist biography, artist remarks, selected exhibition history, and plate list. Also contains brief biographies of poets as well as poems by Ronald Aden Alexander, Alison M. Bailey, Rick Benjamin, M.L. Brown, Christopher Buckley, Susan Chiavelli, Pamela Davis, Perie Longo, Marsha de la O, Enid Osborn, Christine Penko, David Starkey, George Yatchisin, Chryss Yost,  With 33 illustrations. 

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