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Angela Perko’s second solo exhibition with Sullivan Goss takes us on an artistic journey through colors and shapes, as well as a personal and spiritual journey through missions, temples, and the natural landscape. She continues to paint, with saturated colors, forms that are void of extraneous elements. The eye is not distracted by active brushstrokes; simple shapes and pure color overlay the undeniable sense of life and motion that simmer within each canvas. Missions dance and mountains shiver with a palpable rhythm.


This new body of work continues to resonate with the Canadian Group of Seven whom Angela cites as a significant influence; the Seven utilized bold colors and a soft curving line in the elements of landscape. She has expanded that style, however, by incorporating her imagination to create a sense of place, rather than a specific represention.

The painting Campo Santo de Maya, combines all the elements of this exhibition into one work; it is symbolic, festive, religious, historic, a still life, a landscape, and a fantasy in one monumental painting.

- Susan Bush, Director of Contemporary Art

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