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The three artists featured in this exhibit never knew each other. They were born to very different circumstances. Except on the walls of Sullivan Goss, their paintings have never been shown together. For three so different, they shared much in common.

The artists were born during the two-year reign of the French Fauve painters in Paris. Anya Fisher was born in 1905. Richard Haines was born in 1906. Betty Lane came into the world in 1907. As they matured, they all made the heroic decision to pursue a life in the arts.

This exhibition and sale offers collectors a window into the heady years of the American modern movement as painted by three different artists. How did they respond to Picasso? To Cezanne? To Matisse? How did they respond to the story-telling tradition that was so native to the American Scene movement? On a more fundamental level, how did each artist respond to the natural world, to people, or to God? The paintings featured here hold some clues as to how each artist answered those questions for themselves.

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