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Sullivan Goss is proud to announce 20 years of working with the artist NICOLE STRASBURG! A solo exhibition titled NICOLE STRASBURG: Surfacing is planned, to be accompanied by a soft-bound exhibition catalog.

Over two decades, Nicole’s early palette of muted, earthy colors have been joined by juicier oranges, yellows, and greens. Her first pools of swirly abstractions indicating frothy seafoam and billowy clouds now vie with graphic linear presentations of the sea’s horizon in clear Western light. Waves can now be depicted not just as brushy patterns of aquatic turbulence but as rhythmic stripes of color. She is pushing herself to evolve; to define new forms for relating her experience of the Pacific ocean.

Says the artist, “By deconstructing and examining the fundamental structures within each composition, I am seeking what makes a landscape truly captivating. SURFACING represents more than simply emerging into the sunlight. It signifies a return to travel, adventure, and the exploration of new horizons and vistas. Even beyond that notion, “surfacing” symbolizes the act of resurfacing to observe what has changed and what remains unchanged, scrutinizing our patterns of daily existence.”

Long associated with 12 x 12 inch paintings on birch panels that seem to float away from the white walls of the gallery, the artist has, in the last two years, adopted a slightly larger square format of 14 x 14 inch panels with beautifully-finished wood sides. Impressive suites of paintings in both formats can be seen and purchased in this special exhibition. They will be joined by a focused presentation of larger paintings that revel in the endless forms and colors offered by those places where ocean, sky, and land meet. 


Nicole Strasburg has been represented by Sullivan Goss since 2003. Since then, her work has been included in three dozen exhibitions, eight of which were solo shows. Nicole was part of The River’s Journey group that documented the Santa Ynez River with shows at regional museums and galleries. She currently shows with five galleries around the U.S. and Mexico. The artist will be present at the 1st Thursday reception on August 3rd.

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