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OPENING RECEPTION: 1st THURSDAY, August 5th  |  From 5-8pm

Sullivan Goss is excited to announce Sea Change, the first solo exhibition for NICOLE STRASBURG in five years. It’s been too long since the gallery has had a show of new paintings by the artist, but it was worth the wait. In the past few years, she has been avidly exploring new ways of approaching color, examining the sky, rendering clouds, and mapping the ocean in all of its many moods. The result is an exhibition full of the shape and wonder of Nature doing its thing. 

While paintings such as Marshmallow Fluff and Rainbow Sherbet conjure up visions of confectionary clouds, others, like Bioluminescence and Sonorous Sea, focus on the ever changing surface of the ocean. This new body of work is all about the sky reflected in the ocean as the light shifts between dawn and dusk. A painting of waves whipped by wind reaching up to catch the last rays of a peachy sunset book-ends nicely with a morning meditation of sea silvered by a hint of what the locals call “June gloom.” Many of these larger compositions begin as small gouache studies on paper, which provide a space for pushing color boundaries and getting a feel for new palettes before they stretch out onto a larger panel.

The idea of a Sea Change reveals itself in the show in a few ways; the obvious is the painterly representation of the ocean and its shifting moods. Less obvious is the subtle message of how the artist has pressed herself to change how she approaches her artwork. To put it simply, we see simpler forms, a greater range of mood, and more vivid color. Lastly, Sea Change can be applied to the world in general right now; we are all surfacing, looking to find our place once again after such a tumultuous time.


Nicole Strasburg has been exhibiting with Sullivan Goss for more than 15 years. She is a graduate of the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. Nicole’s work is increasingly sought after by collectors worldwide and has appeared on the cover and within the Sundance catalog as a popular sales item.


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