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For her TENTH solo exhibition at Sullivan Goss, ROBIN GOWEN will breathe new life into the front room of the gallery for Spring. With her dazzling array of stylistic approaches, the always protean artist brings us light that’s brilliant, that’s soft, that’s almost gone. Her shadows stretch and yawn and awaken us to the colors of even the landscape’s darkest passages. She simplifies nature’s forms, and she renders them in their full complexity. She paints the heroic view and the narrow corner. She gives us the Impressionist’s sparkling staccato stroke and the Modernist’s reverence for abstract shapes. Like the fresh winds that usher us into Spring, Robin reminds us that vital change is always around if we only remember to look.

Robin’s work celebrates nature. Tangles of trees and grasses, mountain ridges, and canyons are no more inspiring to her than what might be growing in her garden. The variety of plants and geography in her paintings come from Robin’s road trips with her husband to the Sierras of California, the deserts of Arizona, and parts in between. On the road and up the trail, Robin constantly sketches – whether it’s fleeting light from the car window or the rush of arboreal shapes on a hillside. She seizes her moment to then take back into the studio for a fuller realization on a larger canvas.

Robin Gowen was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. She graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and received her B.A. from Wellesley College. She is also an accomplished author with two novels published under the name Robin Winter. She is the first solo artist that Sullivan Goss exhibited more than twenty years ago.


2:55  |  Susan Bush

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