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Brief. Intense. Memorable. A Summer Fling connotes youth and excitement, and it is with that in mind that Sullivan Goss has assembled a one month long exhibition of contemporary art that is certain to turn heads.

Just in time for the Old Spanish Days - Fiesta event, this exhibition will comprise just eight signature works by local heavyweights like Jane Callister, David Flores, Penelope Gottlieb, John Nava, and Hank Pitcher. Their works will be presented alongside incredible works by L.A. artists D.J. Hall and Robert Townsend (who now lives in Arizona) and Bay Area artist Wosene.

Each artist will be paired with another, true to the fling theme.



Jane Callister  |  David Flores  |  Penelope Gottlieb  |  D.J. Hall  |  John Nava  |  Hank Pitcher  |  Robert Townsend  |  Wosene (Worke Kosrof)

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