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Sullivan Goss is pleased to present its second exhibition of Santa Barbara’s storied OAK GROUP. Gallery owner Nathan Vonk is curating the exhibition.

The OAK GROUP was conceived in 1986 by local icon Ray Strong, as well as founding members Michael Drury and Arturo Tello. The OAK GROUP is respected as one of the country’s first groups to use landscape painting as a means to promote conservationist causes. For over thirty years, this dedicated group of artists has been committed to preserving local lands for wildlife, recreation, ranching, and/or farming. They record the beauty of these endangered landscapes to educate the public about their beauty and fragility and then donate a substantial portion of the proceeds from sales to groups that buy the land to keep it from being built up.  A portion of the proceeds from the art sales for this exhibition benefit the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County in the preservation of land in the Gaviota Creek watershed.


ARTISTS INCLUDED: Meredith Brooks Abbott, Whitney Brooks Abbott, Donald Archer, Marcia Burtt, Chris Chapman, William B. Dewey, Michael Drury, Rick Garcia, Carrie Givens, Kevin Gleason, Whitney Brooks Hansen, Jeremy Harper, Ray Hunter, John Iwerks, Manny Lopez, William Mitchell, Linda Mutti, Rob Robinson, Ann Sanders, Skip Smith, Arturo Tello, Thomas Van Stein, Sarah Vedder, John Wullbrandt


3:35  |  Nathan Vonk

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