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Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery is proud to present Up to the Surface, highlighting recent work by four of our favorite artists who live in California.

Mariusa’s exquisite compositions present gracefully arranged objects with great sensitivity to color and form. Originally from Buenos Aires, this revered Santa Barbara artist continues to paint her characteristically beautiful still lifes at age 99.

San Francisco artist Jay Mercado is known for his realistic paintings that honor our agricultural heritage. His “in the box” series offers individual images of perfectly ripe fruit that celebrate our ancient connection to the life-giving earth.

Miriam Slater presents a new series of contemporary Geisha paintings that playfully blend elements of today’s society with traditional Japanese aesthetics. These jewel-like paintings comprise a synthesis of Eastern and Western culture with a humorous twist.

James David Thomas of La Crescenta continues his visual exploration of life on the California coast. His meditative scenes of Pacific Ocean beaches focus on iconic elements of sea, sand and sky, with quiet references to human habitation appearing within this context.

Nancy Clare Caponi

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