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Sullivan Goss is pleased to announce the gallery’s fourth annual 100 GRAND exhibition, with 100 works of art being offered at $1,000 or less. 100 GRAND was inaugurated in the depth of the Great Recession. It was conceived as a way to bring artists and collectors together for the holidays to exchange the gift of art for the gift of patronage. Since the first show in 2009, 100 GRAND has become a landmark exhibition for Santa Barbara’s contemporary art community. The 1st Thursday opening party is one of the area’s must-attend events of the year – a chance for artists and collectors to get together, network, and celebrate the accomplishments of another year in art.

For this year’s exhibition, Contemporary Curator Susan Bush was able to secure work from many of last year’s best-selling artists, but there are also over a dozen artists who have never shown with the gallery before: Phoebe Brunner, Joann Dufau, Noah Erenberg, Kristen Hawkes, Cynthia James, Masha Keating, Mark Lozano, Mehosh, Julie Montgomery, Paula Re, Maria Rendon, Jourdan Ross, Caren Satterfield, and Roe Ann White. Some of these artists are well established, but others are just emerging. Often, Ms. Bush will use the 100 GRAND exhibition as a low-pressure market test to see what new ideas, aesthetics, materials, or makers will find an appreciative audience at the gallery. Works that sell well and receive wide acclaim often make their way back into the gallery’s exhibition schedule.


With 100 GRAND, new and younger collectors can begin to acquire and learn about original art work from a serious gallery at an affordable price. Most of the works are manageable in size, as well, offering ample opportunities to place the works in homes. With emerging artists, collectors get an opportunity to “get in on the ground floor.” For the gallery’s regular roster of successful, mid-career artists, collectors get an opportunity to buy works below market rate. For these reasons, sales are usually brisk. Since its first come first serve, buyers are encouraged to arrive early and to act fast.


3:11 | Susan Bush

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