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Sullivan Goss is excited to announce its third solo exhibition for local breakout art star, INGA GUZYTE. With her portrait of ALISON SAAR still on tour through museums across the U.S. from its opening post at the National Portrait Gallery, Inga has been hard at work at her scroll saw, cutting broken local skateboards into bold portraits of inspiring women. 

Seven portraits are planned for her opening in October. Inga takes great care in selecting the women she plans to lionize, as it takes between a month and three months to craft a single portrait. For this new show, her work will celebrate YAYOI KUSAMA, PATSSI VALDEZ, SHIRIN NESHAT, FRIDA KAHLO, BISA BUTLER, SINEAD O’CONNOR and PATRICE CULLORS.


INGA GUZYTE was born in Lithuania and emigrated to Gelsenkirchen, Germany with her mother and brother when she was still young. In Germany, the skateboarding community welcomed her, which was vital in helping her to build a life in a new country. When she turned 21, she immigrated to the United States, making her way to Santa Barbara to study English and art at Santa Barbara City College. She chose S.B.C.C. for its reputation and its proximity to such skateboarding companies as Shorty’s and Powell Peralta. After finishing school, Inga got to work – exhibiting broadly in her adopted home city. Since then, she has shown in Washington D.C., San Francisco, Oakland, Brooklyn, Manhattan,  Zürich, Vienna, Los Angeles, and Orlando. In 2020, Inga won first place in the At the Edges exhibition at the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art and earned the Mayor’s Choice award at the L.A. Art Association’s exhibition Floating Worlds. In 2022, she got picked for The Outwin 2022: American Portraiture Today at the National Portrait Gallery. Right now, her work is also inspiring patients, doctors, and nurses at Northwell Health Group in New York as part of a special presentation of the Women Who Dared Collection


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