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Sullivan Goss Ltd. each year selects from its inventory of art work approximately 60 works for exhibition as part of the Los Angeles Art Show. In each of these Shows, Sullivan Goss, Ltd. chooses works of art from the strongest area of its collection: artists estates, samples for recent or upcoming shows. In the 2002 exhibition, our curator has selected a small representation from several of the artist's estates owned or managed by Sullivan Goss, Ltd. including Colin Campbell Cooper, N.A., Lockwood de Forest, N.A., Dan Lutz, Ben Messick, Grace Vollmer, and Lyla Marshall Harcoff. The curator has also taken selections from several of the galleries recent, current and upcoming exhibitions. Also included in the exhibit is a sampling o those living artists which Sullivan Goss, Ltd. is proud to represent: Harry Carmean, Hank Pitcher, R. Kenton Nelson and Jackson "Jack" R. Smith.

ARTISTS INCLUDED: Harry Carmean | Colin Campbell Cooper, NA | Lockwood de Forest, NA | Anya Fisher | Duncan Gleason | Daniel Sayre Groesbeck | Lyla Harcoff | Ralph Holmes | Dan Lutz | Stanton MacDonald Wright | Thomas McGylnn | Ben Messick | R. Kenton Nelson | Channing Peake | Hank Pitcher | Henrietta Shore | Jack R. Smith | Ely de Vescovi | Grace Libby Vollmer | Marion Wachtel

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