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Sullivan Goss is pleased to announce the FIFTEENTH annual 100 GRAND exhibition. Featuring 100 quality works of art for $1,000 or less, the exhibition has become an incubator of emerging talent, an entryway for beginning collectors, a holiday celebration in the art community, and an ever timely reminder that everyone’s life is improved by the addition of original works of art.

The works will go on sale MONDAY, DECEMBER 4th at 9:00am. Those who subscribe to the Gallery’s e-bulletin service will get a reminder. Everything will go live on the website at the same time that the doors open. Those who wish to inspect the work in person will be let in on that Monday at 9:00am sharp. Works will be alphabetized by artist last name and spaced apart to facilitate social distancing. Last year, the gallery was astonished to see that more than 60% of the exhibition SOLD on the first day. Collectors and fans are encouraged to plan accordingly.

100 GRAND will feature paintings, drawings, photographs, assemblage and sculpture by emerging and established artists that are priced to sell and sized (for the most part) to fit into smaller spaces.  For this year’s exhibition, Contemporary Curator Susan Bush was able to secure work from many of last year’s best-selling artists, but there are over a dozen artists who have never participated in this annual exhibition, most of whom are new to the gallery. 

With 100 GRAND, new and younger collectors can begin to acquire and learn about original art from a serious gallery at an affordable price.  With emerging artists, collectors get an opportunity to “get in on the ground floor.” For the gallery’s regular roster of successful, mid-career artists, collectors get an opportunity to buy works below market rate. For these reasons, sales are usually brisk. Since it’s first come first serve, buyers are encouraged to arrive early and to act fast.


Meredith Brooks Abbott, Whitney Abbott, Scott Anderson, Douglas Andrews, Alyssa Beccue, Kit Boise-Cossart, Ken Bortolazzo, Hilary Brace, Liz Brady, Lisabette Brinkman, Hilary Brock, Donna Brown, Phoebe Brunner, Jane Callister, Nell Campbell, Chris Chapman, Patricia Chidlaw, Kelly Clause, Connie Connally, Rafael Perea De La Cabada, Tom Dewalt, David Diamant, Kris Doe, Pausha Foley, Jon Francis, Valori Fussell, Kevin Gleason, Robin Gowen, Colin Fraser Gray, Inga Guzyte, Linda Hale, DJ Hall, Bay Hallowell, Lauren Hansen, Lynn Hanson, Holli Harmon, Kelly Hildner, James Hodgson, Stephen Holland, Carolyn Hubbs, Nathan Huff, Deanna Hunt, John Iwerks, Cynthia James, Ben Kendall, Maia Kikerpill, Mary-Austin Klein, Kathleen Klein-Wakefield, Onno Kok, Wosene Worke Kosrof, Julika Lackner, Daniel Landman, Dave Lefner, Dan Levin, Michael Long, Ruth Green & Lynda Weinman, Hugh Margerum, Virginia McCracken, Susan McDonnell, Kerry Methner, John Nava, Jami Joelle Nielsen, Christopher Noxon, Amber O’Neill, Tom Pazderka, Angela Perko, Chris Peters, Gail Pine, Hank Pitcher, Frances Reighley, Maria Rendón, Chris Rupp, Linda Saccoccio, Sharon Schock, Paul Schurch, Leslie Lewis Sigler, Kerrie Smith, Libby Smith, Eliot Spaulding, Ginny Speirs, Catherine Steininger, Nicole Strasburg, Andrew Thill, James David Thomas, Susan Tibbles, Dug Uyesaka, Sue Van Horsen, Sarah Vedder, Wanda Venturelli, Nina Warner, Frank Whipple, Monica Wiesblott, Sara Woodburn, Sara Yerkes

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