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Sullivan Goss is excited to announce its fifth solo exhibition for Santa Barbara’s own PATRICIA CHIDLAW. Acclaimed as one of the preeminent Realist painters of California working today, Chidlaw’s newest exhibition is accompanied by the announcement of a new monograph surveying her career.

The paintings included in NIGHTHAWKS are an echo of what remains of the day and the promise of the nightlife to come. A little gritty in true Chidlaw style, these urban landscapes focus on what’s just outside the action; they are more about the way neon light rakes across puddles in asphalt or a lone car parked on a darkened street. The action has passed and what remains are reflections. Even the carnival scenes seem quiet, more pensive than celebratory; the swirl of lights and implied carnival music seem to stand still. The hawks of the night have come and gone and only the stalwart few silently remain.

NIGHTHAWKS is a nocturnal road trip, heading south from the Buddha Bar in San Francisco to the Wildcat night club in Santa Barbara, under the sixth street bridge in Los Angeles, then east out to the Mojave desert. Wherever she pauses, Chidlaw captures the fringes of urbanity after hours.

Patricia Chidlaw will be present at the 1st Thursday reception on June 6th. Come meet the artist and view a prototype of her monograph.


PATRICIA CHIDLAW came to Santa Barbara to earn her bachelor’s degree in fine art from UCSB. She put down roots in Santa Barbara, and has been exhibiting widely throughout California for decades. Sullivan Goss has represented the artist since 2016, but started working with her in 2007 for the Gallery’s THE URBAN MYTH exhibition.

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