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To begin the new year, Sullivan Goss Gallery is opening an exhibition highlighting the beginnings of the artistic careers of many of our most beloved and admired artists. In recent months Sullivan Goss has acquired a number of rare early examples of works by Ray Strong, and Patricia Chidlaw, which inspired a search for early works by other artists who are a regular part of our program. 

For collectors and admirers of each artist, the works in this show are evidence of an artist who is on their way to becoming the iconic presence that they are today. In some cases the artists for individual works would be impossible to identify by anyone but the most dedicated and long-term followers. And for those people they may find something  that they remember from their first encounter with the artist’s work. 

We invite you to come in to see the earliest works we have ever had by many of the contemporary and historic artists we represent. Included in the exhibition are works by Hank Pitcher from the 1970s; a large painting by Phoebe Brunner from the 90s; and a Nicole Strasburg from the early 2000s; Oskar Fischinger drawings from the 1920s, when he was pioneering some of the very first abstract films; and Lockwood de Forest’s first known nocturne painting from 1874, when he was only 24 years old. 


Phoebe Brunner  |  Patricia Chidlaw  |  Lockwood de Forest  |  Werner Drewes  |  Oskar Fischinger  |  Joseph Goldyne  |  Sidney Gordin  |  Robin Gowen  |  Lyla Harcoff  |  Hank Pitcher  |  Nicole Strasburg  |  Ray Strong


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