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With an exhibition schedule more or less finalized a year in advance, the gallery hadn’t planned to do a show called Spring Break. The May show intended for the largest exhibition space in the gallery was full of serious works arranged for academic study. In a review of the possible list, Gallery Director Jeremy Tessmer turned to Contemporary Director Susan Bush and said, “Are you sure you want to do this show? I’m not. I just want something light, bright and beautiful... and maybe a little hip.” Susan agreed. The other show was scrapped and Spring Break bloomed in its place.

To make it happen, Sullivan Goss co-curators Susan Bush and Jeremy Tessmer have rallied together and enticed the artists they love to bring in an exhibition of sunshine, wind, and wildflowers. It’s Spring – nothing complicated, just the pure joy of bright new things. Call it art therapy or call it seasonal. For the 1st Thursday in May , local botanical artist Terra Basche will install a living wall to welcome people into the exhibition with a breath of fresh air. Inside, visitors will be greeted by new works from gallery artists and special guests that will feel like romance, birth, new growth, and a profusion of blossoming color and form.

ARTISTS INCLUDED: Terra Basche, Harry Bertoia, Ken Bortolazzo, Dorothy Churchill-Johnson, Connie Connally, David Cooley, Joseph Goldyne, Inga Guzyte, James Haggerty, Robert Heckes, Mary-Austin Klein, Susan McDonnell, Rolfe Nesch, Angela Perko, Hank Pitcher, Maria Rendon, Elise Seeds, Millard Sheets, Nicole Strasburg, Jean Swiggett, Tracey Sylvester-Harris


2:25 | Jeremy Tessmer

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